When It Comes To Moving Fine Art You Can’t Be Too Careful

Moving a piece of artwork is more like moving a piano than it is moving a bed. You might think all you need to do is wrap it safely and you are done! By all means, that’s one way to move it.

But if you want to keep it safe, protect it and maintain its value, you should consider moving it carefully.

Specialist movers

If you have ever had to move a piano you stand in wonder when those who really know what they are doing get it safely through the door. The same is true of fine art transportation new jersey. Knowing what they are dealing with helps get it there properly.

Consider a custom crate

If you’re moving something exceptional and of high value, then consider a crate which is purpose-built for the piece. This will have the advantage of enabling you to move it repeatedly, and you will know it is safe. It will of course also lower your insurance premiums and probably remove the deductible.

No unwanted chemicals or materials

It is important you don’t allow anything to touch the artwork, especially if it is a canvas. Make sure packing materials don’t contain any acids, even in production.


fine art transportation new jersey

Bizarre as it sounds timing makes a difference. Shippers may well store products over the weekend in a warehouse. You really don’t want your prize possession sitting in a warehouse, especially if you need a clean, controlled climate.

The trick is to move things as quickly as possible in the early week, on a Monday or Tuesday to avoid the weekend.

Bubble Wrap

This old favorite is great because it puts a barrier between the art and the case. But make sure it doesn’t touch the artwork directly.